Pearltrees (for Firefox) 6.0.5

Organize the web visually


  • A great way to visually bookmark new web discoveries
  • Share via Facebook and Twitter
  • Embed your favorite pearltrees in a blog or website


  • A little buggy still
  • Requires you to create an account to get started

Very good

Pearltrees is an add-on for the Firefox browser that lets you bookmark your favorite sites in a uniquely visual way.

If you're an avid web surfer, you're probably up to your eyeballs in bookmarks. Are they a disorganized mess? If you're looking for a new way to keep things organized, Pearltrees might just do the trick for you.

After you install the Pearltrees add-on, you'll have to create an account with a unique username and profile picture. Then you have the option of adding several different Pearltrees toolbar buttons to your browser. Every time you want to save a page, just click the little blue button with the white star in its center.

You can either create a new pearltree, which is essentially the beginning of a mind map, or you can add the website to an existing one. Each website you add is called a pearl, and after you add several in Pearltrees, you'll have a tree of sorts (hence the add-on's name). In this way you can create entire trees of related websites for easier browsing.

Pearltrees also has a social element to it. You can share your website finds on Facebook and Twitter, as well as via email. If you're particularly proud of an entire tree you've created, you can share it in the same way, and also embed it into your blog or website. It's a really unique concept that can become quite visually appealing, depending on the sites you're bookmarking.

There are still a few bugs developers will need to work out in Pearltrees. Some pearls display the same name as their corresponding Pearltree with the word "end" immediately next to it, for some reason. It's a minor issue but something that'll likely need to be fixed in later versions of the add-on.

Pearltrees is a unique and fun way to map the sites you've visited and share them with family and friends.



Pearltrees (for Firefox) 6.0.5

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